2008 Honda CHF50 (Jazz, Metropolitan) in Vestal Virgin White Pearl

  • $ 2
  • Date de publication: Septembre 25, 2021
    • Montréal, Québec, Canada

2008 Honda CHF50 (Jazz, Metropolitan) in Vestal Virgin White Pearl
Over 2000 years in the making, I bring to you this engineering marvel, the perfect balance of virginal innocence and sinful performance, the end-product when the Temple of VTEC meets the Temple of Vesta.
On the inside, this machine is pure Japanese engineering; on the outside, it's pure Italian aesthetic genius, the custom paint inspired by the purity and innocence of the Roman Vestal Virgins.
This fully-restored, better-than-new Honda CHF50 scooter, known as the Jazz in Canada and the Metropolitan in the USA, is priced to sell at the more-than-reasonable price of $2600, 10% less than what a Honda CHF50 cost back in 2008. Adjusted for inflation, this is a savings of over $1000 for a scooter superior than what came out of the Honda showroom circa 2008!
With the purchase of this scooter, you, the patriarch of your family, can do your part in making society great again by complementing your jailbait daughter with this rare pearl, the Vestal Virgin White Pearl to be specific. The colour will signify her virginal status to all potential suitors, among which you can select the most qualified to be with your virgin goddess of hearth and home.
The price listed is for the bare scooter in the custom paint. If you want to add the options in the photos, here are the prices including installation:
Windshield - $200 ($125 used)
RAM Mounts phone holder - $100
Inner basket - $100 ($60 used)
Rear rack - $200
Painted-matched topcase - $250
Matte black topcase - $150
Proprietary performance variator and kevlar belt - $200
Proprietary carburetor setup with optimized jets for Montreal elevation - $100
A deposit of $300 is required. The balance of $2300 plus cost of options is payable upon delivery, about 7 days later. Other custom colours are also available. Contact me for details.
This scooter is your future.
Notice - the ad copy is for entertainment purposes only. Anybody over the age of 18, or 16/17 with parental consent, can buy this scooter.

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